Learn how to get more students, without spending more time on your business or giving up what you love.

Meet Meghan.

She's a Dance Studio Owner in Oklahoma and like you, she loves her studio and she loves her students, so much that she often calls them her own!

But her little boy is growing up WAY too fast, so even though she LOVES her studio, she's constantly looking for new ways to spend less time on her business and more time doing what she loves — like taking trips to Disney with her little boy, for example.

And this is Robin...

She has enough students and solid retention. Of course, things aren't perfect and some years are better than others, but for the most part, you'd called Robin successful.

With that said, she's owned the studio for more than 25 years, and her youngest child is about to leave the nest, which means she's ready to spend less time on her business and FINALLY soak up the perks of owning her successful dance studio.

Imagine how it'd feel to get more students and more free time.

Do you ever feel like there's too much to get done in a day, but not enough time in the day to do it? Or maybe you're feeling burnt out, because in addition to wearing all of the hats in your business, you also have to deal with that never-ending list of tedious to-do's.

Or maybe every year feels the same because despite your hardest attempts to get more students, you're still hovering close to the number of students you had last year, which means your reality of finally having the free time to enjoy the perks of a successful studio is becoming a distant dream.

Now imagine a world where you could wake up and go about your day as you please, spending time doing WHAT you love, with WHO you love. Imagine a world where you could finally take some time off, without worrying about everything that needs to get done to keep the studio afloat.

You can get more students without giving up what you love.

It's already a reality for Dance Studio Owners just like you...

Hi, I'm Austin Roberson.

Together with the help of my team, we help Dance Studio Owners get more students and more free time.

After dancing professionally for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Duncan and Stewart Casting, and Tremaine Dance Conventions, I decided to study marketing at the University of Kansas! During my final year at KU, my lifelong friend and Dance Studio Owner gave me an opportunity that would later change my life.

Burntout working for BIG corporations like Apple and Proctor and Gamble, I accepted an offer to work as the part-time marketing coordinator for her dance studio. Now, this new job didn't exactly pay the bills, but truthfully, I didn't care. If my dance education taught me one thing, it was how to work hard — how to hustle.

To make a long story short — today more than 103 dance studios in four countries across the world trust Dance Studio Desk as their go-to marketing team, which is truly humbling coming from a small-town boy from Kansas.

Of course, that's the highlight reel! We didn't talk about the "minor" back operation that almost took my life, or the constant rollercoaster of emotions that I'm sure we ALL experience as business owners. I left that part out because this is about you! And more specifically, it's about your students — or the students you will get and the lives you will change!

Have you ever wondered why some studios have 300 to 500 students and grow every year consistently, while others struggle to break even and barely make a profit?

The secret lies in learning how to scale your studio instead of grow it.

More students might sound appealing, but if you only focus on growing, you might get more students but soon, you'll be in over your head, overwhelmed by an even BIGGER list of to-do's, barely able to keep up, let alone even think about taking some time off.

Okay, I'm being dramatic but I'm sure you get the point.

Now, every studio experiences the same growing pains to a certain degree, but when you scale your studio instead of grow it, you're able to get more students WITHOUT giving up what you love.

Which means — finally, you're able to focus on what matters, like spending time with your family, teaching classes, or even taking some time off.

So, why should you listen to me?

Great question. I'm so glad you asked. 😉

We've helped Dance Studio Owners like Suzy (nearly) double their enrollment in less than a year. 🎉

We've helped Dance Studio Owners like Meghan increase their studio's revenue by $26,000.00! 🚀

And we've helped Dance Studio Owners like Emily enroll 245 new students! 💃

Plus, I'm a guest speaker for Clint Salter's Inner Circle and Dance Studio Owners Association, and I'm a HUGE supporter, fan and proud partner of Misty Lown's, More Than Just Great Dancing.

Introducing, Dance Studio Desk...

Dance Studio Desk helps you get more students and more free time by providing a full-time marketing team, without the cost of a full-time employee.

Here's what to expect when you enroll:

Most large to medium-sized dance studios are solid when it comes to operations. They have an established curriculum and an amazing culture, but it’s sales and marketing they struggle with — and that's why I created Dance Studio Desk.

Dance Studio Desk is the marketing arm for your dance studio. We'll be available on-demand to fulfill marketing requests like Facebook ads, Instagram ads, landing pages, graphic designs, website tweaks, you name it! If it falls under "digital marketing" we can help.

To get started, you'll need to first apply and get approved. This means we do not accept all clients into the program, because truthfully, it's not a good fit for everyone. If your dance studio provides a full-time salary, then you're most likely a good fit for Dance Studio Desk.

Once approved, someone will reach out to begin the onboarding process. We'll ask you to submit your first monthly investment and then request access to your studio's marketing systems (like LeadPages and Drip), as well as your Facebook ads manager, Facebook page, Instagram account, etc. From there, we'll ask you to book an onboarding call so that you can learn how to fully maximize your membership.

After onboarding is complete, you'll have a thorough understanding of how things work, which means you can start utilizing your marketing services like Facebook ads, website tweaks, and graphic designs. We work on your schedule, full time, from 9am to 5pm CST every Monday through Friday. If you need to chat with us one on one, you're welcomed to book a call with our team at anytime.

So, what exactly is it and how does it work?

Dance Studio Desk combines the power of a marketing team with the software and strategies you need to be successful.

Facebook Ads

So, perhaps you've heard that other dance studios are using Facebook ads to get new students, but maybe you're not tech savvy or simply unsure where to start. Our team will create unlimited Facebook ads for your dance studio, and we've got loads of proven campaign ideas inside our vault. Fill out our short online form to get started, then put your feet up while we fulfill your request.

Instagram Ads

We make it easy for you to run Instagram ads too! When submitting a Facebook ad request, just let us know you want to replicate your campaign for Instagram. You can expect the same type of setup, which means we'll happily build your marketing funnel, and yep — you can request unlimited Instagram ads too!

Graphic Designs

If you need help designing studio merchandise, recital programs, flyers, mailers, social media content, lead magnets, or any other kind of promotional materials, we've got your back! Your membership includes unlimited graphic designs and revisions! Allow up to three days for each request, but know that we can rush your order occasionally too.

Website Rollover Service

Need a new website? We’ll take everything you love about your current site, get rid of everything you don’t, and create a stunning website that helps you get more students. This one-time service converts your studio's current website to our proven, enrollment boostin' website template for dance studios.

Website Maintenance

Okay, so you hit up your website guy with a few changes to your site, but then — crickets! You don't hear back for weeks, leaving you totally frustrated and frazzled. We complete all website revisions within three business days (max), and if you need a same-day revision, ask for expedited support or easily login and make the tweak yourself.

Ad Maintenance

As a member of Dance Studio Desk, you can sleep at night knowing we'll manage everything on your behalf to ensure that you never overspend on marketing or lose a lead. Our team will check on your ads weekly and make tweaks to improve your overall ad performance, and we'll provide personalized notes inside your account along the way.


Trial Class System™

Offering trial classes helps you convert more leads to enrollments, but arranging trials is a tedious task! We created the Trial Class System™ to help you stop wasting time and get more students. Dance Studio Owners are using this system to double their trial bookings and easily reclaim eight hours a week.

Studio Sitebuilder™

Even if you're not tech savvy, it's easy to make website tweaks using Studio Sitebuilder™, the only user-friendly, drag-and-drop website template specifically created for dance studios. Use our online form to request updates and changes, or log into your site and make small tweaks yourself!

Desk Office Hours

Digital marketing is constantly changing, which means you need someone on the front end helping you stay up to date! Join me once a month for a short group coaching call to learn something new and get caught up. If you're not available for the live version of this call, check your account for the recording within 72 hours.

QuickStart Videos

When you need help with something more technical, like Facebook ad targeting, creating your own landing pages, or automating your studio, it’s super easy to ask for help. Login to your account, click on QuickStart Videos, then start typing a keyword (yep, just like Google!). Our system will recommend content relevant to your search which means it’s always easy for you to get fast support.

Studio Marketing Vault

If you’re confused on where to start when it comes to marketing or struggle to keep up with posting consistently on social media, then you’ll love having unlimited access to the Studio Marketing Vault. Get instant access to lead magnet and landing page templates, proven, done-for-you campaigns, and hundreds of social media graphics.

Calls w/ Support

We'll make every effort to fulfill all of your requests virtually, but when you need help with something more technical like Facebook ad targeting, you're welcomed to request a complimentary call. We work on your terms and schedule which means we'll happily book a call whenever it's convenient for you.

Calls w/ Austin

If you need help with advanced automation, Zapier integrations, or high-level marketing planning, I'll happily jump in quickly and help! I'm confident that my team can handle all of your requests, but if not (or if you need help with something mentioned above), we'll schedule a call so that we can all work together.

Dance Studio Desk Reviews

See how Dance Studio Owners all over the world are using Dance Studio Desk to trade in burnout for balance.

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Pick a plan and apply to get started.

To get started, choose your membership option and submit an application. You do not have to pay at this time and we'll let you know if you're approved within three business days.

Try It Risk-Free for 60 Full Days

Grow your studio on your own terms and budget.

  • Facebook Ads (one per month)
  • Instagram Ads (one per month)
  • Website Rollover Service ($998)
  • Website Maintenance
  • Trial Class System™
  • Studio Sitebuilder™
  • Desk Office Hours
  • QuickStart Videos
  • Studio Marketing Vault

Try Dance Studio Desk Risk Free for 60 Days

After you get started, we'll give you 60 full days to test-drive the program and make sure it's a good fit.
In other words, even though we require a 1-year commitment, you can exit your contract and cancel completely anytime within your first 60 days.

It's time to trade in burnout for balance.

Let's make this year your best year ever! Keep scrolling then apply to get started today. 👇


How to Choose Your Membership Level

When determining your membership level, consider how much support you'd like to get from me and my team. You can always change your mind later, after you get approved.


If you have 150 students (or more) and want to completely offload your dance studio's digital marketing, choose the Pro membership level.

We'll fulfill unlimited marketing services like Facebook ads, graphic designs, and website tweaks, and you'll get exclusive access to Pro-level benefits like annual retreats and private coaching calls.



If you have less than 150 students or want help with marketing, but don't need a full-time team, choose the Lite membership level.

This membership is a stripped-down version of the Pro membership level, and features our most popular membership benefits including Facebook ads, website support, and Trial Class System.™


You'll get this bonus too.

Run your studio, enjoy your life! This multi-day event is designed to help you master digital marketing, systems, and automation so that you can get more students and more free time.


Our next event is scheduled for October — details, dates, and location will be released to members soon!
Pro members get two free tickets, Lite members can add tickets for $199 per person (sometimes less).

Pick a plan and apply to get started.

To get started, choose your membership option and submit an application. You do not have to pay at this time and we'll let you know if you're approved within three business days.

Try It Risk-Free for 60 Full Days

Grow your studio on your own terms and budget.

  • Facebook Ads (one per month)
  • Instagram Ads (one per month)
  • Website Rollover Service ($998)
  • Website Maintenance
  • Trial Class System™
  • Studio Sitebuilder™
  • Desk Office Hours
  • QuickStart Videos
  • Studio Marketing Vault

Have a question? Email [email protected] or chat with us.

Disclaimer: There are many factors that contribute to your success, most of which are out of our control. For that reason, your success is not guaranteed. Just because the strategies we teach and the services we provide have worked for other Dance Studio Owners, that doesn't necessarily mean they'll work for you. Please don't enroll if you're expecting this program to save your business. If you apply, get approved, and get started but then decide Dance Studio Desk is no longer a good fit, you can exit your contract anytime within the first 30 days. Lastly, we're not responsible for reimbursing you if an ad we setup flops — and the same goes for your investment in any of the tools we recommend. We look forward to serving you inside your business, but want to make sure we're on the same page before you enroll. If you have any questions about what we do and do not guarantee, let us know via email or start a new chat.