Dance Studio Desk

(and Austin Roberson)

If you're like most of our clients, you're super passionate about your studio, but keeping up with your seemingly never-ending to-do list is... well, impossible.

Plus, you're not just looking for a successful studio. You want to make a difference and a profit. You want to spend more time doing what you love, and less time marketing and managing your studio.

We've helped hundreds of Studio Owners trade in burnout for balance, and we can help you too.

Imagine how it would feel to get more students and more free time, without losing any students in the process or giving up what you love.

What if your studio basically ran itself, and all you had to do was check in every once and awhile for good measure? What if you could wake up in the morning without having to stress about everything you gotta do to keep the studio afloat?

The truth is that it's already a reality for Studio Owners just like you.

The solution is simple: scale your studio instead of grow it.

Most Studio Owners think that more students is the knight in shining armor they've been waiting for, but I'm here to tell you that more students is just one of the eight pieces of a profitable studio.

When you grow your studio, of course you'll get more students, but you'll soon be in over your head with problems you didn't anticipate, your success will continue to outpace your bandwidth, and (although completely normal for new Studio Owners) every year will feel like you're starting from scratch.

But when you scale your studio, you're able to get more students and generate more revenue, without losing any students, without more problems, and without giving up all of the things you love (like time with your family for example).

Free Marketing Planner for Studio Owners

Download this planner and quickly learn how to create a step by step plan to get more students.


Tired of feeling alone in your business?

We help Studio Owners all over the world, so no matter what time of the day it is, someone is usually working on their business. Post in the private group to connect with other Studio Owners or reach out to our team for marketing and operations support.



Book more trials and get more students, on auto-pilot.

The Trial Class System is a simple tool that makes it easy for parents to book a trial class online. Plus, it automatically reminds parents about their child's class and removes them from marketing campaigns when they enroll.


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