Trade in burnout for balance.

Through our software programs (like the Trial Class System, Dance Studio Sheets, and the Studio Website Template), as well as our marketing services (like Facebook ads, graphic design, and custom websites), we're helping more Studio Owners create a profitable studio and a life they love.

Step into our community and trade in burnout for balance. 🙂


Services for Studios

Whether you're looking to overhaul your website, create new Facebook ads consistently, amp up your social presence with graphic designs, or automate the tedious tasks in your business, we can help. Our membership options scale as you grow, so it's easy to ask for more help when you need it.


Software for Studios

Struggling to manage your marketing? All of our systems tie into Drip so it's easy to fully automate your marketing and quickly turn more leads into enrollments. Plus, we integrate with management systems (like Dance Studio Pro and Studio Director) which means you can automatically remove parents from marketing campaigns when they enroll.



Book more trials and get more students, on auto-pilot.

The Trial Class System is a simple tool that makes it easy for parents to book a trial class online. Plus, it automatically reminds parents about their child's class and removes them from marketing campaigns when they enroll.


Free Marketing Planner for Studio Owners

Download this planner and quickly learn how to create a step by step plan to get more students.


Five out of five stars (now that's love).

Hi, I'm Austin Roberson.

Together with my team at Dance Studio Desk, I help Studio Owners get more free time and more students. We geek out about websites, Facebook ads, automation, and pretty much anything related to marketing in general.

Formerly a campaign writer for big-name brands like Proctor and Gamble, I'm also a coach to hundreds of Studio Owners. However, my favorite wins are seeing people like you create a successful studio that makes both a difference and a profit.

Through courses (Studio Owners Academy), services and software (Dance Studio Desk), as well as private coaching, plus this website, my blog, podcast, and free video series–we're helping more Studio Owners trade in burnout for balance. Will you join us?


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DISCLAIMER: Numerous factors contribute to your success, many of which are out of our control. For that reason, we cannot guarantee results. In other words, just because the strategies we teach have worked for other Studio Owners, that doesn't necessarily mean they'll work for you. If you lose money as a result of implementing the strategies and tools we teach, we're not responsible for reimbursement. Of course we'll do our best in assisting you to the desired end result, but you might put in a ton of effort and spend time and money working with us only to find that you don't get any results at all. If you become a member, just know that all of our products come with a 60-day money back guarantee. If you're not happy, let us know anytime within the first 60 days and request a refund by sending us an email. Outside of that 60-day window, you should reference your contract (if applicable) for more details regarding our cancellation policy.